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Life of Brian - the healing version

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

In 1979, after an entertaining, awakening seminar in Amsterdam with Ram Dass, I took the boat and train up to northern Scotland to The Findhorn Foundation, a non-denominational spiritual community housing people from all over the world to practice unconditional love and experience a shared spiritual vision of peacefully living together on Earth.

My third one-week seminar as a participant was a performing arts workshop with 23 people from many different countries. Six people independently asked me for a healing. Why? I had no methodology, no experience; so flabbergasted, with a book on ‘Polarity Massage’ propped open, I felt the flow of healing energy happen through me. It was the beginning.

1980-84: I was a resident member of the Findhorn Foundation. In 1981, Barbara D’Arcy Thompson, a long-time teacher, invited me to co-lead a seven day healing arts workshop involving Reflexology, Polarity, Lymphatic Pump and other modalities. It became about ‘healing the healer’. Thereafter, I continued teaching healing seminars at Findhorn, including one titled: Modern Initiation.

Barbara D’Arcy Thompson was also my mentor for ‘The Metamorphic Technique’, a healing modality that focused on the bone structure along the inner arch of each foot. In 1984, in addition to Findhorn, I taught seminars of the Metamorphic Technique in Athens, Greece, at the office of an Adlerian psychoanalyst.

1984-85: I took 1st and 2nd degrees of ‘The Radiance Technique’ in Corsica and became a practitioner in clinics in Toronto and London, Ontario. The Radiance Technique involves the activation and application of universal energy for healing self, others, plants and animals. In 1985, I did extensive auditing and practice teaching in the United States and then graduated from an intensive teacher training program in St Petersburg Florida with Dr. Barbara Ray.

1986-1996 As a certified teacher of The Radiance Technique, I offered seminars repeatedly in over 30 Ontario communities, as well as in Venezuela, Bolivia, Romania (just after the revolution), France, Britain and Belgium.

I studied one-on-one with Dr Barbara Ray to the advanced 5th degree level and was a founding director of The Radiance Technique Association Int’l with 86 teachers world-wide. During that time, I developed a method of activating universal energy in the feet. My healing centre also included facilitating spiritual counselling work through The Radiance Technique sessions.

1997: For the next 26 years, I continued doing self-treatments, distance healings, world peace directing of energy and hands-on with whoever presented themselves in need.

In 2000, I became a student of ‘A Course in Miracles’; a non-dual psychological approach to spiritual awakening. Between 2008-2018, I hosted and produced nine two-day seminars at the University of Toronto; eight with Gary Renard and one with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick.

In 2022, in Victoria, BC, I spontaneously responded to an interpersonal need for deep healing with a new method that involves spiralling the spinal vertebrae with multiple finger touch using both hands. ‘The MetaBrae Process’ feels like gently playing memory and energy release notes and chords along all 26 spinal vertebrae while sometimes simply, quietly, holding with fingers in place. This is an intuitive release to Holy Spirit direction. I would not know how to do it myself. It feels like an extension of the Metamorphic Technique I learned in the early eighties at Findhorn.

Bone gives structure to the body. It is an available template of time that can be used, on many levels, to dissolve the structures of time. The vertebrae are the meeting place of bone and the central nervous system, brain and a direct avenue to the mind and Mind. Past lives, personal and monadic, are available as seeds of healing that can be activated with Spirit-guided touch.

More information on The MetaBrae Process will be published very soon.

If you would like to book a healing session with me, Brian Wark, in Victoria, BC Canada,

please visit

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