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Drawing Fire - 88 Poems by Brian J Wark (1992)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

"... It was like stumbling along an overgrown jungle bridge of vines between different cultures and radically different realities. There was a lot of falling between the slats into adventures of drawing fire ... cowboy on an Israeli kibbutz; camping on sacred sites in Greece, Iona on the west coast of Scotland, Isla del Sol in the Andes; drinking with skid-row buddies around Pigeon Square in Vancouver; climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza at midnight; chasing the blues in Philadelphia ghettos. In between was 'the trying to be normal', and finding there is no going back..."


I think of buying

a stone house

in tall pines

and starting a library

of best thoughts

and then a snowflake does it all

gives me everything I need

and the whole earth comes

rushing up the road

in shadow and light

and trees and meadows and brooks

and gutters and slag and industrial cold sores

and I realize I can never

break her of her bad habits

let alone instruct her in the good

it's a bigger pygmalion than ever

I could

so I love her because of that

and I ache with wanting not to want it

my way.

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