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Of Course - 83 ACIM Poems by Brian J Wark (2014)

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

"Laughter from his quick wit and turn of phrase reminded me that it was all a dream from which I still had not awakened. I could quote my favorite gems from his marvelous eye and mind-opening insights. Now that I have made brief summaries of each poem, I will return to them like old friends, all waiting to comfort and amuse me again and again."

- Dr. William W. Whitson, Graduate Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Former Chief Foreign Affairs/National Defense of Library of Congress

The Ladder of my Success Against What Wall?

In the valley of natural movement

where I was not.

I was in some rags to riches

kindness to bitches duality

analyzing and comparing

caressing and tearing

thinking I was going somewhere

climbing up the ladder of my success

against what wall

I did not know

other than

that it was there

and you know -

standing there

in my silicon hair

I did not care ...

I did not care because

all the others were there

believing that God made

this pathetic, insane world and universe

of buying and selling

and paying and paying

the big hidden price

for this seemingly,

endless suffering, this separation curse

yet we keep longing

after some idealized expression

we romance our Authurian legends

we moon after the Sun King and Queen;

in our heart of hearts

we all know that somewhere

somehow that true love

is the return ticket, but

We are all so quick

to turn our back on it

to shut out the God within

cycle after cycle we will not

see our mate as God:

not good enough, not bad enough

not rich enough, not bright enough

and it's we who make it tough

because we're the Prince and Princess

don't we deserve the best?

May we please see them all undressed?

Ah, but do we have to settle for the One?

We cry pathetically

as if we lost something.

And there you have it another rung

of my sorry-ass ladder of success

up against some distraction wall

I never even considered

whether I really wanted over

or maybe unconsciously

more wanted

to just fall.

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