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Kindness created you kind
MAY 5/6 - 2018


The ancient Greek aphorism, ‘know thyself’ was inscribed in stone above the portal entrance leading in to consult the Delphi Oracle. Know thyself was often expounded upon by the philosopher Socrates, who taught that the unexamined life is not worth living. Know thyself was also found in symbolic writings at Luxor in ancient Egypt. In Hamlet, Shakespeare has Polonius advise his son who is leaving Denmark, know thyself and thou canst not be untrue to any man. In the final analysis psychologists tell us that it is our hidden unconscious beliefs that often drive us to regrettable behaviour, and know thyself is a powerful antidote to “secrets that kill”.


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Sculpting began in 2000 also, with immersion in the semi-wilderness of Northern Ontario lakes and forests, Brian was inspired by finding highly idiosyncratic pieces of wood- split by lightning;  cedar roots growing magically around Cambrian Shield rockface; lake polished, beaver hewn tree branches sailed from other places; wood submerged from logging sawmill operation for 100 years etc.  He cuts away what is not, files, sands, shapes and coaxes forth co-creation symbollic expressions with wood burning, fire, and oil and acrylic paints of many colours, usually to the varied world-wide rhythms of CBC Radio 2.  Unusual woods come from all over the world to speak their voices. 


It all started like spontaneous combusion, stanza after stanza, sitting in the University of Waterloo Library, trying to study for final Year II exams, after a evening of hockey, and beer/steak dinner at a convivial pub restaurant.  Like the Blues, Brian's poetry often reaches upward from lessons of life's pains and suffering, transformed to undoing old blocks and learning forgiveness, often the slow hard way.  Travel and meeting new people the world over, spill out the wonderment at our amazing and dramatic differences as individuals, ending up seeing that we are all the same at essence.  We are all connected, not separate.  And yes each of us is drawn to the Light in our own way in our own timing.  And that is our crucial story of meaning and purpose that I like to tell in my poems.


With resistance and reservation Brian joined a weekly ACIM group meeting in Parry Sound back in 2000.  It took him nine months gestation to finally buy the famous blue book, A Course In Miracles.  It soon became his one bedrock spiritual direction, and led to Know Thyself promoting now the eighth Gary R Renard ACIM seminar at University of Toronto, downtown campus.  It is an honour and continuing expansion for all involved and it is with much gratitude we welcome Gary again in 2018.  In all the previous offerings my former wife Dr. Gabriela Ilie and daughter Alzena, were key star contributors to the success of the Company and the Workshops.  They now happily live in Halifax where Dr. Ilie is Director of a new Department in the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University. Know Thyself also sponsored the late Dr. Kenneth Wapnick in 2008 in an amazing two day seminar Narcissism and the Ego.  In Gary's first book Disappearance of the Universe Gary's teachers, Arten and Pursah, identified Ken Wapnick as the teacher who will be viewed in the future as the greatest one, and "the one whom students and scholars will be reading hundreds even thousands of years from now."


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